Your Investment 

Let Her Future create a program that fits your needs and budget. 

Workshops run from 1-3 hours and can include small and large groups of up to 180+. Additionally, programs can be tailored and created for your specific needs including topics and length. 

The prices below are approximate. The price of the session will depend on the length of the workshop, content, preparation time, travel etc. The prices below do not include printing materials. 

      Amount of students                                Prices 

                      0-15                                            $27 per student 

                    16-35                                           $25 per student 

                    36-60                                           $23 per student 

                      60+                                       Please contact for details 

Cortnie Dawn, the Director of Her Future, is more than happy to meet and discuss your needs to create a personalised workshop for you. 

If you don't have the budget but would still like a workshop contact us. Money should never get in the way of a young woman's future. 

Please contact Her Future for more details. 


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