Your Thoughts Change You

Your thoughts affect you in more ways than you realise. What and how you think influences your decisions, actions and outlook on life. Learning to look at the bright side of situations can only positively benefit you. Although it is hard to find good in every situation, I promise that if you can create this habit, your life will be much better.

I often wonder why some people are so miserable, mean and ungenuine and my conclusion over the years is simply that it’s easier. I really don’t like saying that but I think it’s true. It’s easier to complain and make yourself look and feel like a victim. It’s easier to not be polite and not put effort into talking to people. It’s easier to be negative and have a pity party rather than dealing with something. But here’s the thing, it may be easier but it’s definitely not better.

Have you ever noticed when you had to do something, a presentation, speech, interview etc. and if you had positive self-talk you felt like you would do good but if you had negative self-talk you doubted your ability. What you tell yourself in your head affects you so incredibly much. I honestly can’t stress how important it is to positively change your self-talk.

Let’s go through an exercise to show how powerful thoughts can be. Say these words five times and really feel and believe them.

I am whole, perfect, strong and powerful.

How do you feel? Great. Right? Now say these words five times and believe them,

I am weak, worthless and dumb.

How do you feel now? I bet not as good as you felt saying the positive words. Now think if you are doubting yourself and you have negative self-talk, how could that affect your performance? I can almost guarantee that if you had positive thoughts, you would do better.

So how do we change our thoughts? We have to break the negative thinking cycle and self-talk. The great news is that you can start right now. Start focusing on the good in situations and find the silver lining. When you notice yourself thinking negatively, shift your mind to positive things. You are your worst enemy. Only you can change how and what you think about yourself.

Before I have to do something big, an interview, a presentation, a meeting etc. I say positive words to myself over and over again, probably five or so times. Like the exercise before, I say “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, smart, patient, rational, healthy and happy.” Depending on what I am doing, I will repeat the whole sentence or pick out the words that specifically relate to what I am doing. Either way, I am in a positive mind frame and feel like I can accomplish what I need to.

Changing how you think is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Every day try and change some of your negative self-talk and thoughts. If you want, you can write down each time that you make the shift to a positive thought. Then each day maybe work on getting one more positive thought. Remember, don’t focus on the things you don’t like but instead on the things that you do. Each day will get a little easier and soon you will be an unstoppable positive thinking machine.

Now start believing in yourself and how amazing you are.

By: Cortnie Bornyk

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