Who Are You?

Who are you and what defines you? Do you know?

What makes someone a good person? Is it that they do the right thing in a given situation? That they help out others in need? That they are polite? That they have morals, values and a good conscious? What does being a good person mean anymore? I’ve had moments in my life where I have questioned this concept. I thought I would share my insights on this topic.

I have always strived to do the right thing and listen to my moral compass, but there have been times where I have realised that I’m not as good of a person as I used to be or should be for that matter. During those times I knew I had a lot of potential and the capability to be better but somehow I had gotten a little lazy and forgotten how important it was to work on myself. During times of reflection I realised that I use to focus more on helping others and doing the right thing. Not that I don’t do the right thing regularly, but I found that I sometimes would take the easy way. Which I really don’t like admitting. Somewhere along my path I had become more about me and my needs than others and I often made decisions based on what’s easy. But why? What did I gain besides personal guilt and bad habits?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to have balance between your needs and others needs but I also think it is necessary to focus on helping others to different degrees. When I started to think about this whole concept, I began to realise that I had forgotten some really important fundamentals to my personality and my life. I had forgotten what my morals, values and beliefs were. What type of people did I look up to? Ideally, what type of person did I want to be and how did I want others to see me? What was important to me? Had that changed since I was younger?

I began focusing on what I actually value in life and how I could have more of those things or improve them. What were my morals and what did I presently think was right and wrong? I thought about personality traits that I admire and really reflected on myself and my habits. I know that I have so much to learn but I want to grow and become a better person. I think positively developing yourself throughout life is fundamental to happiness. As you get older, you often get caught up in society, what’s easy and fitting into the social norm. But why? Somehow I had forgotten to focus on what’s important to me. Realising that has completely changed my thinking. I had obviously just forgotten how great it feels. I also focused and began to recognise what was right and wrong in my head and stick to it. To just know myself better and realise some things that had gotten a little ‘dusty.’

Life isn't just about you and making a mental note to help others and focus on them more is important. Is it not fulfilling to help someone else in need?

So my questions to you are:

What do you value?

What do you believe is right and wrong?

What is important to you?

How often do you help others?

What types of people do you admire and why?

Once you know the answers to these questions, each decision and action that you make reflects you as a person, and makes you feel more powerful. So take control of your life and who you become. Redefine yourself and who you want to be. Choose to be amazing. Choose to change now.

By Cortnie Bornyk

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