Why Things Not Working Out Can Be Awesome

I feel like my life has been an interesting experiment so far. If you had asked me five or six years ago where I would be today, I would not have told you anything close to where I actually am in my life right now. I’m sure my answer would have been something along the lines of me teaching the same grade consecutively (teaching different grades every year is a lot of work), be married with one or two kids, live in a nice house and most definitely be living in Canada. What I had planned for my life and my goals, although I would have been perfectly content and happy, just weren’t going to go to plan.

Sometimes people get caught up in the fact that things aren’t working out how they originally planned, and often they get stressed out or begin to feel down about themselves and their life.

I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be okay, in fact, it’s going to be fantastic. Although you may feel like your life is going down the drain, “life” has a much bigger and better plan then you could ever imagine.

I will use my life as an example. Rather than the life that I had planned and mentioned above, instead I am living in Australia with the love of my life, following my passions and my dream to positively change the world. In the process I am continuously challenging myself to grow and be better. The plan that “life” had for me is hands down 100 times better than what I thought I wanted or had planned for myself.

In saying all of this, the path that I chose has not been easy and having to leave my family and friends has definitely been the hardest part. You’ll learn that from every decision that you make there are going to be positives and negatives. The important thing to learn is to focus on the positives and learn to be grateful for all of the amazing things and people that you do have. Even though I miss my family and friends a lot, I make sure that I focus on how lucky I am to have my partner’s family and my fantastic Aussie friends.

I have gotten to where I am today, especially in the last year, by taking every opportunity that I can. I think it's important to look for opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Setting goals for yourself will help push you to look for and take those opportunities. You'll be surprised how many there are once you start looking.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy, but that's "life". If you can learn to roll with life, focus on the positives and know that sometimes there is a bigger plan for you, you’re going to be golden.

So remember, the next time something doesn’t work out, even if you REALLY want it, recognise that there’s going to be something even better coming along so be looking for that opportunity. In the meantime just enjoy the journey of life.

By: Cortnie Bornyk

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