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I’ve been noticing lately how many people don’t realise the power of their thoughts and what they say to themselves on a regular basis. Your thoughts, if repeated, sink into your subconscious and play in your head over and over again without you even realising it.

Essentially, you create your perception of yourself and your world based on your thoughts. Currently, what is your perception of yourself? Is it actually true to who you are or who you know you should be? No one is perfect and I believe strongly in continuously trying to improve yourself, grow and become the best version of you. In saying that, if most of the thoughts that you have about yourself are negative you are definitely not doing yourself any favours.

How do we change our negative self-talk? There are different things that you can do but they take a little effort, especially until you can create habits. What is happiness worth to you? Is it worth doing an activity or reading something for ten minutes a day? It sure is to me. The days that I don’t read my affirmation paragraphs, visualise, practice my “I am’s” I notice a big difference in my head space.

Today I want to focus on the “I am” tool. This tool has been very powerful in my life and the great thing is that you can change them to fit into your life for different things. I have used them before an interview, a big meeting, before networking or meeting new people, having a bad day etc. The options are endless and my clients have used them in all kinds of different ways that fit into their life and their needs.

How to create your own “I am” statements:

Make a list of strong words that resinate with you and either describe you or words that you want to describe you. Start with saying “I am” first and then either following with all of your words consecutively or saying “I am” before each word. You can do whatever fits your personality and what you like better.

Some of the words on my list include: Whole, strong, powerful, loving, kind, smarty, healthy and happy.

The purpose it to use these words to build yourself up, help place positive words about yourself into your subconscious, and put your headspace into a more positive one.

What words do you want to describe you? Make a list today, read it over at least four times and really put emotions into it and what it would feel like to completely embody that word. Once you know your list of words you can use those words to build yourself up before different situations or after difficult ones. If you actually practice this tool you will notice a big difference in your mental state.

I love hearing from my clients who find a specific tool helpful in changing their head space and you’re not exception. If you really like using the “I am” tool I would love to hear from you. I hope you’re as excited as I am about you becoming happier by using the “I am” tool.

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