What The Alchemist Reminded Me About Life

The Alchemist is an internationally best-selling novel about a shepherd boy who has a recurring dream and decides to set out to fulfil his own personal legend. There are many great lessons within the book but I’d like to focus on one.

Fate is a funny word that people either agree with, think is completely false, or find a very grey area. Whichever you believe, no one can deny the fact that your life is a result of your choices and the opportunities that you take. I have heard numerous times that in today’s society we have more opportunities presented to us than any previous generation. If you think about it, that’s crazy. The key is to notice those opportunities and start taking them. Once you start to look for them you will be surprised how many come up, and once you start taking them you will be blown away at how much you will grow. All because you took the initiative and decided that you don’t want to have a mediocre life.

Life is funny sometimes. You create a plan of where you want to go, who you want to become and then WHAM something happens and your plan completely derails and you’re left having to decide what you want to do now. Or your plan doesn’t run out like you thought it was going to and you’re confident enough to change the plan and pursue something else. Lastly, like some people, you stick to the plan because that was the plan. Either way each option is a choice that you alone have control over and you alone deal with the consequences or rewards from that choice.

Even though sometimes you can feel like you have made a wrong choice, it’s never too late to change paths and begin pursuing a life that aligns with you better. Everyone has heard stories about 50+ year old people who have finally decided to change their life and do something that they love. Their only regret? That they had started doing it when they were younger. Don’t be that person. At least ensure that you are doing things within your life that make you truly happy, whether it is a hobby or career.

In saying all of this, whichever plan you do decide to take sometimes the plan that “life” has for you will trump your plan. In some cases, the plan life has is much better and bigger than any life you could have imagined for yourself. That’s why it is so important to take different opportunities and grow in different things that you are passionate about.

If you’re sitting there reading this and thinking “I have no idea what I am passionate about!” then I have a huge suggestion for you. Go and find out. Think back to when you were younger and when you were the happiest. Try new things. Step out of your comfort zone. Live gosh darn it. What I wish upon no one is to be at the end of your days and wishing you had done more, seen more, pursued more. Don’t be that person. Live the life that you truly want and be the person you have always wanted to be.

As for my opinion, I wouldn’t say that I necessarily believe in “fate” but I do believe that there are certain paths that you can take and it’s up to you to take the best ones. Life is about growing and becoming your best version of you. Which version of yourself will you choose? The easy one where you stay in your comfort zone? Or the one where you get nervous, work your bum off and become the person that you know you were destined to?

By: Cortnie Dawn

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