How to Build Resilience

The word resilient is thrown around a lot these days but for a good reason. Being mentally resilient helps with your overall happiness in life. Our society today has a higher dependency on instant gratification, resulting in resilience itself changing and people need it now more than ever. You may ask, how do I build up my mental resilience? Here are a few tricks, or habits really, to help you to a more fulfilling and resilient life.

There are three main beliefs that we have which often rob us of our mental strength.

  1. Beliefs about ourselves

When we have negative beliefs about ourselves it begins to create a story in our mind of who we are. This story most likely isn’t true but because we think it so often it becomes part of our subconscious and therefore we believe it to be so. In order to change your beliefs about yourself you need to change your self-talk.

  1. Beliefs about others

We often create unhealthy beliefs about others or compare ourselves to social media, to friends and celebrities. We want what others have and we feel bad about not being as successful, happy, fit etc. as the people we see. Social media plays a big part in this, especially with people today thinking they should be happy all of the time. Life has ups and downs no matter who you are but if you can build resilience the downs won’t seem as hard.

  1. Beliefs about the world

Unfortunately, there is a new crisis of entitlement. The younger generations think that they deserve everything without having to do anything. It’s this mentality that the world owes them something. That mindset will not benefit anyone. I have mentioned in previous blogs how to change the entitlement attitude with altering a few simple words. The words that you say to yourself make a huge difference on how you feel about your life and the world.

When we have unhealthy beliefs in one or more of these three areas, we begin to weaken our mental strength. This is often done when we start to form bad habits related to our beliefs. Once we have created a bad habit it is much harder to change, but definitely possible. Below are a few things you can begin to do to change what you say to yourself.

One of the main factors in becoming mentally strong is creating new habits to break the negative ones that hold you back. There are all kinds of positive habits that you can begin doing today to help build your mental resilience. You can start a gratitude journal where you write down two things a day that you are grateful for. You may look at writing your own personal affirmation paragraphs and reading them each day, or just reading affirmations. Another great option is creating your own “I am” statements and reciting them to yourself. There are many positive habits that you can start to create today to help build your mental resilience. The issue is, will you take five minutes to start creating one new good habit?

It’s often not that we don’t know what to do, but that we aren’t willing to take the time to begin implementing what we need to. If you worked on creating a new positive habit every 3-4 weeks for 3 months you would change your mindset.

What will you choose to do? What type of person would you like to be? The person who complains about themselves, others and the world or the person who actively does something about it and has a better life because of it? Life is about choices and like every choice, this one is up to you.

By: Cortnie Dawn

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