Book Review: Awaken The Giant Within

This book was one of the first on my personal self-development journey and I recently decided to re-read it because I liked it so much. I can happily say that I like it just as much now as I did then. Tony Robbins has fantastic points and makes you consider your current thought patterns along with where you are in life right now and the reasons why. He explains how everything that you do is related to our state of mind, the way we feel and our emotions. If you’re motivated to grow, this book offers great tools to begin to create positive change in your life today.

Awaken The Giant Within is filled with great content, but to not overload your mind, I want to go over only a few things that can help you create positive change now.

Three main lessons to help you take charge of your life:

  1. Associate bad habits with pain and good ones with pleasure

  2. Change the words you use to transform how you feel and deal with problems

  3. Practice making decisions

Lesson 1: Associate bad habits with pain and good ones with pleasure

All of our actions are aimed at avoiding pain and getting pleasure. For example, you may go to a job that you don’t like to avoid the pain of not being able to pay bills. You may also allocate time to volunteer because you get pleasure out of helping others. Every decision that you make is based on this foundation and whether you consciously understand it or not, you’re making the decisions that you are today to avoid some kind of pain or get some kind of pleasure.

Often the root of our decisions can be traced back to a belief that we have about ourselves. A culprit for negative loops and decisions are related to limiting beliefs. In order to eliminate the limiting belief system correlated to a bad habit, we need to link massive pain to the old belief. We need to convince our brain that if we continue this way, we will inflict massive pain. So, if we associate pleasure with the new belief (new habit), we’ll feel great about adopting the new empowering belief system.

For example, Tony explains that if you want to quit something like eating chocolate you can do something like force yourself to sing a song you hate out loud before you ever buy or eat any. Having to do this just once in a packed restaurant because you ordered chocolate mudd cake might deter you enough from eating or buying chocolate. It may sound ridiculous but it works. You just need to come up with something painful enough for you to deter you from doing the bad habit and break your normal neurological pathway.

An important point to remember is that you must replace a negative habit with a positive one in order to fill the void and help ensure you don’t begin the bad habit again.

Lesson 2: Use different words to end up in a different state of mind

What emotions are empowering you? The ones that create pleasure or the ones that create pain?

Tony explains that it’s very important to be conscious of your language as the words you use and the way that you describe your experiences has a lot to do with your perception of the world. So if you describe things negatively you most likely have a negative outlook. You can change this negativity by simply shifting your thoughts and using more positive words to describe things including yourself.

Try catching yourself every time you say something negative about your life or yourself and begin to flip those thoughts to the opposite positive thoughts. An example of this might be everytime that you look in the mirror you call yourself ugly, you would have to say “I’m cute” or “I have luscious lips today” and begin replacing the negative thoughts that you’ve implanted into your subconscious without even knowing.

It may feel silly at first but it’s the little steps in the right direction that will really help you to move forward and be happier.

Through creating small habits you’ll in turn construct a better, more positive mindset.

Lesson 3: Practice Actually Making Decisions

People today have forgotten what it means to actually make a decision. They overthink, or they say they’ve made a decision but they don’t actually follow through. Tony elaborates saying that decision making is like a muscle. If you don’t practice making proper decisions, you actually lose the ability over time.

The concept of making a decision is to choose something and actually stick to it. For example, if you decide to stop smoking you simply just stop. You don’t quit then start again and go around in circles. You make a choice and you stay integral to yourself about that decision.

Practicing to make decisions can start very small, like what to have for dinner or choosing what to wear, and you can build up from there. The point is to just start practicing. Practice makes perfect right?

Tony Robbins explains how to make hard decisions pain needs to be associated with the past, present and future. It’s when you establish that something will cause you pain in all three of these areas that you make big decisions like ending a relationship or marriage or deciding to get in shape after the Doctor said you may die if you continue to live how you are.

This concept has really influenced me as it’s been true for any hard decision that I’ve made in my life. I now use the knowledge to gauge future decisions so that I don’t have to get to the point where I feel pain in all three areas before I make a choice.

This book has so many great techniques and in general makes you think about your mind in a different way. It empowers you to believe that you can take control of your life and gives you some step by step tools to begin your positive mindset transformation.

I highly recommend this book and know that you’ll find great value in it if you haven’t read it already.

By: Cortnie Dawn

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