We currently offer:

- Keynote speaking 

- One-on-one mentoring - this can include NLP if wanted

School Workshops - run in schools with small or large groups such as grade cohorts

Popular programs related to grade are: 

- Grade 7: Her Body

- Grade 8: Her Positivity

- Grade 9: Her Relationships

- Grade 10: Her Motivating

- Grade 11: Her Future

- Grade 12: Her Professional

- Group Workshops - If you have a group and you'd like Her Future to run a workshops please get in touch. No number is too small and we're happy to accomodate and create a program perfect for your group. 

- Business programs - to help staff to be more positive, happy and successful


- Workshops and programs can run from 30 minutes to a full day, dependent on the clients needs


- School workshops can be modified for the number of students and the schools specific needs. The workshops can be run during school hours or as after school programs.


Please contact Her Future for more information: her.future.matters@gmail.com


Workshops and Programs


School Programs

Her Positivity


This workshop focuses on:


  • Developing on the understanding of yourself, who you are as a person and what makes you happy.


  • Building self confidence and self esteem through recognition of your inherent strengths, potential and becoming comfortable in who you are.


  • Focusing on taking action and learning how to grow and move forward.

  • Learning to be more resilient by practicing tools that can help you create a more positive headspace and set you up for future success. 


"Cortnie was the first session of our week of career focused activities. She was organised, punctual, well presented and bursting with positive energy. A full room of 180 sixteen year old girls can be challenging, but the girls listened with interest. In evaluating the week, most girls reviewed Cortnie’s presentation as well worth it. In fact, we are bringing her back to speak to our current Year 10 cohort in June."

Her Future 


This workshop focuses on:


  • Learning what current core values are.


  • Meditation/visualisation to help with future planning.


  • Developing a personalised tool to help create a positive mindset in regards to the future. 

  • Understanding the Law of Attraction.

  • Creating a personal Vision Board. 

Her Professional


This workshop focuses on:


  • How to dress for success. 


  • How to stand out from everyone else trying to get the same job. 


  • What you can be doing now to help get your dream job. 

  • Mindset tips to help with interviews and dealing with people. 

  • Brief overview of cover letters and resumes. 

Her Motivating


This workshop focuses on:


  • Discussing and realising what you are passionate about, how to incorporate it into your life and be happy.


  • Learning to identify and set goals and push yourself to achieve them by taking positive risks.


  • Thinking about careers related to your passion and achieving career goals. 

  • Understanding the importance of believing in yourself and the power of self confidence. 

Fairholme Workshop 1.PNG

"The whole experience was engaging and something that influenced me to be kind to myself and know I can accomplish my dreams."

Her Relationships


This workshop focuses on:


  • Helping to understand what a healthy relationship looks like. 


  • Learning to differentiate between a normal healthy relationship and an unhealthy one. 


  • Educating on the markers of possible domestic violent partners to prevent unhealthy relationships.

  • Understanding the importance of knowing and loving yourself, your values and being able to spend time along with yourself. 

Her Body  


This workshop focuses on:


  • Emphasizing the unhealthy nature of social media and technology with discussions on photo-shopping and the unhealthy reality behind models bodies.


  • Learning to love and appreciate one's body and personal strengths.


  • Understanding the importance of fitness and eating healthy.  

"The workshop has inspired me to look past what's in front of me and to truly experience life and all it has to offer. I feel empowered within myself to follow my dreams and live my life how I want to."

Workshop Dates:


Schools and not-for-profits book there in own workshops

Currently no upcoming workshops 

  • Workshops run:

    • Weekdays from 6:00pm -8:30pm or;

    • Weekends from 9:30am - 12:00am or 12:30pm to 3:00pm.  

  • Half day workshops run for two and a half hours.

  • Locations: Canberra and Brisbane


  • Please contact for more information  



Create Your Own Program

 The topics below are what can be included in a workshop. Her future can personalise a program tailored to your school, business or Not-for-Profit.  

  •  Resilience

  •  Self-awareness

  •  Self-love

  •  Self-talk

  •  Standing out

  •  Strengths

  •  Subconsciousness

  •  Unhealthy relationships

  •  Vision boards

  •  Visualisations and;

  • Visualisations meditations

  • Affirmations

  •  Comfort zones

  •  Confidence

  •  Consciousness

  •  Core values

  •  Emotional Intelligence

  •  Goals

  •  Gratitude

  •  Happiness

  •  Healthy relationships

  •  Passions

  •  Positivity

The workshops below can be run on their own or as a program for businesses and Not-for-profits. 

Empowerment Essentials 6 - Week Program

This series of workshops were created for women to begin to build a strong foundation for personal development and personal discovery. The workshops can be run individually or through a 6-week program. The best results are when it's 1.5 hour workshops every week for 6 weeks. 

All programs are focused on positivity and helping women to create more happy selves and lives. The workshops are run in smaller groups to ensure great conversations, engagement and personalised learning as well to help create a positive, supportive community of women.


The benefits of the 6 week program: 

This program is for those who actively want to change their lives. The workshops will run every two weeks with the same group of women to create a strong, positive support group. After each workshop their will be growth activities to help you to begin changing your life. The great part of this program is that you're now accountable to start creating positive habits and taking action to change your life. Like the great Tony Robbins said, "Knowledge means nothing without execution." Through this workshop you will be guided, and prompted to create positive change in your life. If you are looking to seriously change your life now and become happier, then this is the program for you. 


** This program is great for boarding houses**

OU3A5536 done.jpg

Her Future's Foundation Workshop


This workshop focuses on:

  •  Establishing your core values

  • Meditation/visualisation to help you plan your future

  • Learning about the power of affirmations and creating your own "life" affirmations

  • Creating vision boards


Empowerment Essentials: Two


This workshop focuses on:

  • Recognise who you are and what makes you happy

  • Learn to be more positive

  • begin to establish what you're passionate about 

Empowerment Essentials: One


This workshop focuses on:

  •  Understanding the power of your thoughts 

  • Learning to control your thoughts

  • Recognising the Law of Attraction and how you can begin using it

Empowerment Essentials: Three


This workshop focuses on:

  •  How to set and achieve your goals 

  • Learning to step out of your comfort zone

  • Establishing how to believe in yourself and build your confidence

“Cortnie’s workshop was amazing and it got me into a really positive mindset filled with possibilities. She was friendly, fun and very passionate. “

“It was a very positive and enlightening experience.”

“I loved the workshop and Cortnie’s enthusiasm for life. The content was very positive and life enhancing.”

Keynote Speaking

 Please contact for Keynote Speaking enquiries. The Founder and Director of Her Future, Cortnie Dawn, is happy to tailor this to your specific needs. 

“Cortnie was even more amazing than we had imagined. Her passion for self-development and helping others was clearly evident and inspired our audience with her positivity and professional presentation skills.”